For as long as I can remember I have been a food fan, from an early age I was a lover of food and always had an enormous appetite! As I grew I realised I had a passion not just for eating it but cooking, creating and photographing it as well.


My connection with food has led me to travel and work in different countries, I have worked my way up from entry level jobs in the food farms to now be an independent self-taught chef/restaurant photographer where I can continue to develop my skills and create ,innovate and take pictures of new dishes. 


I'm a man of passion with everything I put my hand to, I strive for perfection wether it be with my food or photography. I aim to constantly broaden my culinary and creative skills by traveling as much as possible. I love to mix traditional and new always looking to innovate and evolve like the leaders of industry before me.


I have created this website to showcase my culinary journey and hopefully bring you along for the ride. I will be posting content about the dishes I create, and the photos I take with blog posts about the places and restaurants I visit. I hope to show you my view from behind the plate and inside the kitchen.

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