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Dutch capital full of tourist, mixture of culture, mixture of cusines and smell of weed

First of all I thought that I am probably the last in the group of my fellaz to visit Amsterdam - the legendary city full of fun. I shamed myself a bit. But the goal was to manage that before I was 30, which I did and I hope it isn't last time. My feeling from Amsterdam? Lets take it step by step. My journey started in Oxford, my hometown now, from where I went to London Luton airport and by Easy Jet I took my ass to Amsterdam. 50 minutes flight is so quick, that I couldn't even finish one album in Spotify. So nicely smooth. Amsterdam airport is quite big and an important travel cross, but you have everywhere signs how to get out of airport so don't panic.

How to get into city centre? You have got more options. The most expensive is taxi. Around 30 Euro. Then you can choose bus or train. Both cost similar price and take similar time to get to centre. So I took a train which cost me 5 Euro and 20 min of my life to get to city. Train is located straight under the airport so I think is the best and also the fastest way.

So here we go. You are in city centre. What now? Amsterdam is full of everything the same like every other capital. Every single person is looking for something different. My goal? Food, beer, bike, city sight seeing and of course the most famous coffee shops. So as you can guess my steps lead to small streets in Amsterdam to see canals, architecture and meet the first coffeeshop which I will see. Also I can't forget. You can not smoke the weed in streets. Police can arrest you. So be careful. But after 50m when I left Central Station I smelled weed. It looks like 50% is pure air and 50% is pure weed air. Interesting. By the way. I lost myself in centre between canals and beautiful buildings. Then I found it. First coffeeshop in Amsterdam for me was Jolly Joker. Quite old full of stickers - a bit of a dodgy place. But whatever. I took a menu and ordered 3 different models. Don't ask me what was it. I have no idea. But it was fucking great. So I took table in corner and rolled my officially first joint in Amstr. Let me tell you one thing. Its fucking strange. You know. We used to hide all our lives and there you can, with a smile, buy whatever form of cannabis you want. Just strange feeling, but good. After first joint I am pretty high and taking my ass outside to the streets. Its roughly 6pm so I checked where my hostel is. Im taking the right direction and walking with headphones in near canals on the way to hostel.

Yes I said hostel. My first hostel ever. So I couldn't properly picture what is going on there and how is this thing working. So for imagination. In one room there is 3 bunk beds. And one bed is yours. In room there was a locker + bathroom with shower and toilet just for the room. Whole hostel was modern full of travellers, young people, students. Also you can find in there a bar, small restaurant for breakfast and al a carte menu. To be honest. Nothing special. I had second day morning Eggs Benedict and It was just disgusting. So I rolled another funny cigarette. I went to reception ask for a bike to rent and with full bag of cameras, batteries I took a bike and went to city. So the feeling from hostel? Pretty good. I use my bed just for night for couple hours. Rest of the day I was away. Great way how to save some money. Cause Amsterdam is pretty expensive in accommodation. Yes even airbnb.

Bike is the best way how to see a lots of things in Amsterdam. Their web of bike paths is just insane. You can go literally everywhere. Just be careful on scooters, because the small-ones till 50cc are with you on the same path. Lets talk about food. One of my main interest in Amsterdam. Until I left England I had no idea what Dutch eat. Of course you can have cusines from all around the world. But I wanted to know what is the classic proper Dutch food. So I am not good with the original names of food, but I will try to describe it to you. Herring - Pickled herring fish in roll with diced onion and pickles. Snack which is really interesting, but really good. Stroopwaffles - Two really thin waffles glued with warm caramel. Absolutely great treat when you high as fuck. Waffles - Everywhere, totally everywhere you can find classic waffles as you know them with millions of topings. Again.. Great snack to coffee or when your eyes are covered in bloodPatat - nothing else than Belgium fries. With many options of sauces. Stamppot - I had to find the most famous restaurant Moeders which is covered with photos of mothers, probably from customers or I don't know. But. This food is basically potato mash with sauerkraut, smoked sausage, meatball and bacon. Cant forget on absolutely fucking amazing gravy. Cheese - Again everywhere. What to say. Its goddamn delicious. For sure nice souvenir. Kroket - Meat covered in panko and deep fried. Juicy crispy snack.

All of these above I had to try and it wasn't a mistake for sure. Also you can really feel that connection to the West (England) about fish and to East (Germany) about krokets, mash, sausages etc. Cant forget to tell you that Amsterdam is full of sweet treats as I mentioned. Recommandation is. Don't eat in centre. Is the same like everywhere else. Expensive and not good. Its better to go a bit out of centre and there you can find better places.

Places which I visited.Brouwerij Tij - great pub with shit lots of local beers. You can even order tasting plate of 5 beers. My choice was Columbus with 9% of alcohol. Man. It was great beerFood Hallen - Massive hall full of stalls with food from all around the world. But! Absolutely great price, great portion and amazing quality. Big recommendationVegan Junk food bar - I don't really remember who told me about that place. Because I am big lover of meat I wanted to try proper Vegan food so I found this place and ordered classic Ceasar salad. Guys. I don't know what was in there. But it was delicious.Albert Cuyp Market - As I mention in my last post. I love markets. Always great place full of fresh great ingredients, food and energy. Here in Albert market you can find absolutely everything. Again shit fashion. But about food, great stuff. Full of vegetable, fruits, nuts, cheeses, fries, herring, stroopwaffles, waffles etc. Great place where you can try all of national Dutch food in one place.Sir Hummus - One of my breakfast one day when I took my bike early morning and wanted to see again a lot of Amsterdam. So I lost myself, to be honest I have no idea where was it, but I found pretty nice part of town with nice buildings and small parks and there I found it. Small bistro full of fresh hummus. I took the biggest option from the menu and I almost couldn't finish it. But! I did it. What to say. Best hummus I ever had. Smooth as fuck and perfectly seasoned Omelleg - Breakfast place. My another breakfast another day. My friend Tino gave me tip for this place. They do shit lots of omellets in many many variations. So I ordered eggs in tomato sauce with sourdough bread. I was just impressed. Because this place with roughly 70 seats for totally full. I was glad I am on my own. I grab a high table and wait for food. Delicious absolutely delicious! Big recommendation

Just want to tell you that you can find more than 300 coffeeshops in Amsterdam and in all of them is forbidden smoke tabacco. Yes you can mix your weed with bit of tabacco but thats it. Always is nice to take some coffee or tea or soft drink. For sure you can not find any alcohol anywhere in any coffeeshop. Also if you will visit coffeeshop with your weed. Its polite to order any drink. Because is the same as going to a restaurant with your own drink for example.

Red light District? A great way for men to increase ego. Whole part is alive mostly after sun goes down and red lights switch on. Totally in centre close to Central Station. Touristic attraction like fucking Charles bridge in Prague. Full of people slowly moving in tiny streets full of windows with girls who try to get you in. Prices? 50-150 Euro per hour. Really depends which beauty you will choose. Also be careful of one street full of shemales. So don't be surprised when you will see a girl with dick. This city really surprise me after all. Everyone was friendly, helpful, smiling. Vibe is incredible. As I mention. Full of tourist, young people, a shit lots of bikes. Also great place to chill is Vondelpark.


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