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My next destination this year was Barcelona in Spain. City placed near the sea in Catalunya county. Famous for wine, great food, nice people and beautiful weather.

Why I decided for Barcelona? It was and still it is one of my dream places I wanted to always see and visit. Let me tell you why. My flight was from London Luton to Barcelona airport. Straight after I took a bus in front of the airport hall to city centre which cost me around 5 EUR. Also you can use taxi to be there quicker but I think in this case it is absolutely waste of money. Bus is pretty quick and whole journey took around 20 min and I found myself in city centre. First of all I want to really thank my friends Zbyňa and Nikča which gave me somewhere to crash for my whole stay in BCN. They have a nice flat really close to city centre so it was much easy for me to discover whole city. Maybe you ask what the fuck i did there. As I said it was my first visit of BCN so I had to see some tourist traps which is classic Park Guel. To be honest. Nice view. Entry 7,50 EUR and 4 nice buildings in the park, but thats it. Nothing special. You can see in whole city touch of Gaudí on some buildings.

So what is in BCN so special? As a capital of Catalunya where whole area is crazy beautiful and it is full of tourists, students and young people loving drinking, sun and good food. That was one of my main goals. Eat as many tapas as possible. And I think I did it really well. About tapas restaurants, you need to be careful because if you eat tapas in centre it will never be as good and proper as in restaurants which are on the edge of the city. Name of a tapas restaurant? I have fucking no idea because I had to many cervezas. What is the best tapas? Fucking classic "Patatas Bravas" with their homemade sauces and boiled octopus with boiled potatoes. Every single tapas place has a different sauce to try. Love it! God damn good! They have shit lots of options of tapas so it really depends what you like. Seafood absolutely everywhere obviously. Next you should try some Jamón for sure, which is like italian prosciutto ham but it is spanish version from spanish meat. Long time hanged and cured meat sliced thinly. How about markets? Daaaaaaamn. I visited just two of them, but let me tell you something... markets are sick!I mentioned it many times. I love markets.. Large and full of fresh food everywhere. Lots of vegetable and fruit, which is like twice bigger then everywhere else. Fresh beautiful meat and the fish with seafood is also amazing. They will prepare for you whatever you want.

Did you know that BCN is like capital of Europe for skaters or bmx, mtb riders? You can see them absolutely everywhere and their riding is sick like in some contest. Pure professionals! Scooters. I think one of the main transport for locals. It was like Amsterdam, but just with scooters and mopeds. Thousands and thousands. So if you want to manage to see a lot of city I recommend to hire a scooter. Public transport was pretty easy to find and get somewhere. Nice description and its better to buy 10 riders for I think 8 Euro then ride one by one.

I am person which love views and BCN is city with sick views. There are 4 main hills where you can get and see whole city from above. It was mind-blowing. When I visited BCN in whole Europe there was cold as fuck, but I had 30 degrees there and that was amazing. Slippers, shorts and sun glasses. I took a skate cruiser from my friend and went near the beach to ride. Headphones on and I went to Badalona which is like part of BCN but with much nicer beaches without people and whole the vibe was more like in small city. All the bike paths are very well made so you don't need to be scared of cars or scooters in the same path like in Amsterdam. What next is nice to see? Oh yes.. Segrada Família. I had bad luck that week because it was closed inside because of work. But everyone told me to go there because is beautiful. Well..I still don't know, so I need to go there one more time to see it inside. But from outside that building is insane! The detail is super crazy and the high is massive as well. You should know that they still build it. So there are cranes all around.

Another my big goal of whole journey was Girona. Why Girona? Let me tell you why. Girona is absolutely old fashion beautiful and historical city in north of Spain close to the French boarder. Pure Catalunya city. Big patriots. You can see flags hanging from almost every window. But my path went into the restaurant which is second best in whole world. 3 Michelin star restaurant called El Cellar de Can Roca. This place is run by 3 brothers, where the oldest Joan (freshly awarded as a best chef on planet by @thebestchefawards) is the executive chef, middle brother Josep is the Chief of Front of house and great Sommelier with one of the biggest wine cellars in Spain (awarded two-times No.1 in the world’s 50 best restaurants) and the youngest Jordi Roca as one of the best pastry chef in the world (awarded as a best pastry chef in the world 2014).

Let me tell you one thing. Whole the place just looks crazy. Everything was inside absolutely perfect. Even more than perfect. Thousand times more than perfect. Insane! My mum always said, don't be lazy to open your mouth to get somewhere. So I did it. And I asked if it is any chance to see kitchen. And the girl from reception took me to the kitchen where they had just finished prep for evening service and when I saw that place I almost shit myself. This kind of level of restaurant you don't see every day. So I enjoyed every single second which I spend there. Also I want to tell you that I am trying to get a table there for more than half year and all bookings (always first day in month at midnight) take under one minute to be sold out for the next 11th month. Again.. INSANE!!

So with smile on my face I am walking out of that restaurant heading to the Gelato shop located in centre of Girona built by Jordi Roca, the youngest brother of Roca. I follow his work for a long time and I saw the day when they opened this place and I told myself I need to see it and taste it for sure! So here I am. I ordered my favourite chocolate flavour with 4 different topping. You can choose from like 3 billion different toppings for your gelato. Maybe you ask how was it? Truely...?? Fucking delicious! Absolutely best gelato in my entire life. I was shocked at how ice cream can be so good and smooth and full of flavour. So for me its a big recommendation to visit Girona. And small secret on the end.. Jordi Roca opened the same gelato shop in BCN in centre, Alicante and Madrid. If you are somewhere around, go for it!

For sure it wasn't my last visit of BCN


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